Recreation Venues

Stadium concession stands serve food that memories are made of. 

Fuel up for the big game and enjoy the unique taste of Cavendish Farms coated fries and wedges that stay hot and crispy, are portable and pair well with stadium favorites like hot dogs and burgers.

Serve them amped up, topped up and out of the park!

Selling Solutions

Full Line Product Listing

Cavendish Farms Full Line Product Listing - Premium Potatoes & Appetizers

Loaded Fries Brochure

Add toppings. Increase profits with topped-up fries.

Preparing Perfect Fries

Are you using the best practices for your fry station? Find out here! This 45 second video outlines how to prepare the perfect fry, by properly managing your fry station to ensure that your customers are enjoying the best quality fries.

See The Value Of Premium Fries Using Volume Tubes

Cavendish Farms premium fries offer longer fries, better yield, more servings per case and better profit when compared to budget fries.

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